Best Tablet Computers

Compared to laptops, tablet computers have much more mobility. People use tablets for communication, study, business, or game playing. The most important thing is that tablet now have been one essential tool since more and more productivity apps emerge. In this article, we will pick up top three tablet computers. Hope this can help you to buy a tablet for your money.

1 Microsoft’s Surface Pro X

Surface Pro X is the latest release of Microsoft tablet lineup. It is a windows tablet for the Home Windows 10 and the great first original processor, the SQ1. Surface Pro X has a gorgeous black cover. The display size is 13”. The tablet is ultra-thin and super light, so it is fit for those users who have on-the-go lifestyle.

Surface Pro X can offer you fantastic Windows 10 experience which help you handle work or improving game playing. Of course, there is a touchscreen, sharper display. You can make it a full laptop with slim pen and type cover which provide you comfortable typing experience. There are backlit keys and multi-touch glass for more productivity and creativity. By the way, Surface Pro X has long-time battery life up to 13 hours. Also, the charging is fast. You could have 100% charge in less than two hours.

2 Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6

Surface Pro 6 was released in 2018, though it is the best thing to buy right now. This tablet vision have good design and elegant color options. It is very light for mobility. The storage had been upgraded, compared to its predecessors, from 128G to 256G. Surface Pro 6 has fast quad-core processor. You can enjoy password-free sign-in with windows 10. If you want complete more tasks or work, you must choose this. You can make it a laptop with a type cover, which is an excellent accessory. The type cover is slimmer and comfortable. And built-in kickstand can help you a lot. Display is also improved. The stronger contrast ratio make movies more stunning and make video editing more accurate. After all, the price is affordable.

3 Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6

Galaxy Tab S6 is one of the best tablets for the features and specs. Believe this, Galaxy Tab S6 is beyond expectations. The display is 10.5”. You can see brighter and sharper pictures with the edge-to-edge super AMOLED display. You can also have great audio experience, thanks to AKG speakers. There is a new S pen included. You can put the pen on the cover of s, and it will charge automatically. The battery time is up to 15 hours. Galaxy Tab S6 has a fast processor, which help you handle multitask and switch between apps and tasks rapidly. It will give you lag-free performance. The tablet has long battery time up to 18 hours, so you can use it as a work or play partner all day. By the way, you should know Bixby, which is your intellectual assistant who helps you find more information and obeys your order. Galaxy Tab S6 is really incredible invention.

All these products have great features and specs. Hope you can find the perfect tablet.

Posted on January 2, 2020